I am Leigh and the Cre8ive part of the business. As a child, I was always creative. I remember making full sized human bodies out of strips of paper and would always have glitter and glue with me wherever I went. My favourite type of shop were stationary shops. Anywhere that sold, cards, pens, glitter, or glue was where I wanted to shop. I always imagined what it would be like to have my own stash of whatever paper I wanted, for whatever purpose; just at my fingertips to make the most beautiful designs. I never imagined that I could make this into a full-time job, so instead I took the safe route and studied education.


I never forgot my dream, just put it to the side for a while. My passion emerged again later in life, when I had my own child in 2010, searching for invitations for his birthday parties, christening and later for my own wedding. I was constantly hitting dead-ends with designers telling me that what I wanted was too complicated, costs an arm and a leg, or they just simply hadn’t the design in their catalogue. I dreaded the next event for this very reason, I couldn’t understand how a creative person, could be so linear in their approach to art. This is the moment when I realised that I want to bring this solution to people by helping them through my passion: turn their craziest ideas into handmade creations! I established a service that would cater to people, working directly with them to bring their dreams to reality, all while staying with their financial constraints. The service would focus on the end product, creating something bespoke and elegant that matches the style of the event. This is why Cre8iveLeigh was established. 


As part of my years of research and designing, I found one particular paper to be the best, it provides quality cuts and folds consistently and now forms the foundation of my designs. Each invitation or card is crafted using the brightest most elegant paper, that shines with its own light. As an added bonus the paper is produced with 40% post-consumer waste fibres. All the paper I use is recyclable, bio degradable and compostable.


In addition to what you see on the website I love to work together with customers, to find a design suitable for their event and budget.


 If you can dream it we can make it. Contact me here and we’ll have a chat.